100 Things

Growing a Life of Faith Together

About the Challenge

A Special Word for Parents

Getting Started

It all begins with you as a parent!  This is a challenge for both you and your children.  The Christian Education Ministry has provided you with the materials you need to get started:  100 Things Every Child Should Know before Confirmation by Rebecca Kirkpatrick and a Bible that is age-appropriate for your child.  Take a quick look at Appendix 1 on page 148 and you will see the List of Things.  Then read about one or two of the Things so you can see how the book works.  That's all you need to do to be ready to start on Rally Day, September 11!

Signing Up

You are already signed up!  All families with children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade at RRPC are automatically enrolled in the program. We have materials on hand for parents and your child's Challenge Passport is at the Stamping Station ready to go.  If you have not received your materials prior to Rally Day, please stop by  Leigh Anne Ring's office or drop her an email. If you are a regular visitor or just want to try it out, you are more than welcome to join too!


Sunday School

The heart of the learning for our children will take place during the Sunday School hour.  Each week, our teachers will address one or more of the Things.  Just as in the 100 Things book, the lessons will be structured according to ages:  Planting the Seed -- introducing the stories and ideas to our youngest children; Feeding the Soil -- helping our children to think beyond the story and into their own lives and the life of the church; and Watching them Grow -- developing the talking about questions and choices related their faith.  And here's the best part:  Bring your child to Sunday School regularly over the next two years and you will have covered all 100 Things!  


During worship, follow along with your child in the Bulletin and keep an eye out for the little leaves that point to the 100 Things in the elements of worship.  Singing a hymn about the God of creation,  reciting the Apostles Creed, or noticing the colors of the paraments that change with the seasons in the life of the Church -- all of these are important moments. The goal is for your child to encounter each of the 100 Things over and over again.   Each little encounter builds upon the next as your child grow in understanding and faith.    

Other Opportunities

When you walk in the building on Sunday Morning or Wednesday Evenings, take a look at the signs about the Thing of the Week.  These signs will let you know what your child is learning and you can help support that effort by following up at home.  Make sure to read about the Thing of the Week in your book so that you can find opportunities to ask a question or have a conversation during the week.  Remember, the goal is for you to take an active part in your child's Christian Education.  For the kids, the Challenge is about collecting stamps; for you, the Challenge is about making Christian Education a part of the normal day in your home.  


The foundation of the Challenge is regular attendance at Sunday School; we are building both knowledge and habits to support a lifetime of faith.  But we know you cannot make it to RRPC every single Sunday.  We hope your child is eager to continue to earn stamps and that you are eager to continue the conversations with you child.  When you are away (or any other time you feel like it), click on the Calendar of Things to see what you are missing.  Then go to your 100 Things book and to About the Things to find ideas and resources to share with your child.  Be sure to visit the Stamping Station the next Sunday with your child to report on your work together.


We all know that the real reward is a church full of children who are stronger in the Word and closer to Jesus.  But to help keep your kids motivated, they can earn rewards and recognition for reaching milestones on the way to 100.  Your child will earn gift certificates to Sweet Frog and other special treats, along with special stickers to decorate his leaf on the Challenge Tree in the Main Hallway.