100 Things

Growing a Life of Faith Together

This is way too much!

How can you expect our children to learn all of this when their parents don’t even know all of this?

Our kids are smart—they can do it! But know that we do not intend to cover all of this in the next two months. We hope to introduce our children to many of these stories during their pre-school years and then use the Kindergarten-5th grade years to make sure each child has multiple opportunities to engage with all 100 Things. Children will also encounter these stories and ideas in the broader church through Worship, Music, Vacation Bible School, Milestone Celebrations,and more. And their parents might accidentally learn all of this too!


There are lot of very important things that this book does not cover!

Shouldn’t [insert your favorite Bible Story here] be included as one of the 100 Things?

You are absolutely correct! And so is your neighbor in the next pew. We fully acknowledge that 100 Things is an imperfect resource made by human hands. But we do not want the perfect to be the enemy of the good. We have settled on this resource 

(1) because it is solidly grounded in the Reformed Faith and 

(2) because it was not drafted by a member of our congregation. 

So, we can all criticize it freely and supplement it as we choose. We will have a suggestion box on-line soon for the Next 100 Things ,so please share your thought with us. This is just the beginning.


I’ve done my time as a parent. My kids are grown now and I’m ready to relax. What does this challenge have to do with me?

You may remember making a promise in pews during one or two baptisms over the years. In the Presbyterian Church, all members of the congregation stand in the place of godparents and take on responsibility for the Christian Education of the children of the church. Active participation in the 100 Things Challenge is an easy way to fulfill your promise. We need you to encourage our kids, help out at Sunday School, take a turn at the Stamping Station, etc.  Our promise to you:  this will be low-stress and fun, and you may even find that you learn one or two Things along the way.


Do I need a book?  How do I get a book?

The church provides a copy of the book to parents of children in Kindergarten-5th grade, along with an age-appropriate Bible.  If you have not received your books, please contact Leigh Anne Ring or stop by her office.  While other members of the church do not need a book, we encourage you to obtain a copy so that you can fully understand what we are doing with the children.  You can purchase a copy from Leigh Anne Ring.


What does my child need to do to get a stamp?

Easy answer -- come to Sunday School!   If you must miss a Sunday, you can use the resources on this site to go over the Thing of the Week at home to qualify for a stamp the following Sunday.


More about Stamps:  Can my child get more than one stamp for the same item?  How do you count stamps for milestone awards?  When do I need to accompany my child to the Stamping Station?
  • A child may get unlimited stamps for the same item. 
  • Milestones awards are for completing a certain number of Things, not for a certain number of stamps.  In other words, your son will be entitled to an award when he has stamps for 10 different Things, but not when he has 10 stamps for one Thing.
  • Your child can go to the Stamping Station alone after Sunday School. If you have done an activity with your child at home, please accompany her to the Stamping Station to verify.  The Challenge is based on encounters and, while we do not "test" what a child has learned, we do want to ensure that the encounters are happening! 

I have a different question.

We would love to hear from you and welcome the chance to answer your question.

Thank you for contacting us about the 100 Things Challenge! We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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