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How can I help out?  Glad you asked . . . 

Stamping Station Host
We need adults to host the Stamping Station in the Narthex before and after each worship service.  Children will come with their passports and share which of the 100 Things they have encountered that morning (in worship, Sunday School, or through a special event).  As the host of the Stamping Station, you would be responsible for enthusiastically greeting each child, learning their name, stamping their passport with the provided stamp, praising their commitment to the 100 Things Challenge, and encouraging their continued participation.  This is a great opportunity for adults who do not have children in K-5th grade to have a short and positive interaction with a child of our church. 
Sunday School Shepherd
Each Sunday during Sunday School the children have music and a visit from a Storyteller. Following the story time, the K-1st graders stay for a teacher-led activity. The 2nd-5th graders rotate among different educational opportunities featuring the story of the day. We need Shepherds to host two rooms each Sunday. The Shepherd is responsible for reading directions if a child cannot understand the printed directions and encouraging the children as they move throughout the choices. No preparation of any kind is required; you simply show up and support the children as they learn. A Shepherd should be able to provide supervision in a kind and loving way. 
Sunday School Storyteller
Each Sunday the children gather together for music and then hear the story of the day from a Storyteller. The Storyteller is someone who has the ability and desire to creatively and expressively share the stories of the Bibles with young children. Leigh Anne will work closely with each Storyteller to evaluate the scope of the story for each week. Children's Bibles are given to each Storyteller to help them develop the story in age-appropriate ways. 
Note Writer: 
A significant part of the Challenge involves increasing connections between the children of our church and the congregation. As a part of that goal, we are looking for adults to write notes of encouragement to the children participating in the 100 Things Challenge. You may also want to write a note of encouragement to the parents of these children.  Encouraging one another is an important part of our church family dynamic. 
Reward Sponsor
Another significant part of the 100 Things Challenge is celebrating the progress of each child. To that end we would like to offer small tokens of celebration when 10 new Things are added to the child's passport. We are looking for donations of small gift cards to child-friendly activities in our area. 
Excellent! Leigh Anne Ring will be in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your questions and see what works for you!
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